Diversity Statement

The RC Lab Diversity Statement

As a lab and an academic community, we recognize that institutionalized discrimination -- based on race, gender, disability, age, and socioeconomic status, among other attributes -- persists in the fields of ecology and evolutionary biology.  We acknowledge multiple forms of discrimination  and the inherent value of diversity. We are committed to fostering diversity within avenues of our work through cultivating antiracist and equity-minded approaches . To this end, we have crafted our own goals on inclusion, core values, and anti-racism. We also recognize the need to assess our success in accomplishing the commitments described below and are working on approaches and metrics to evaluate our performance. This statement serves as a living document that is re-visited and revised quarterly.

In the RC Lab, we foster antiracism and equity-mindedness (McNair et al. 2020):

In the RC Lab Group:

In our Research Practices:

In the Classroom:

In the Broader Community:


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